Stage surf Ocean ride

general conditions

OCEAN RIDE, below named :
OCEAN RIDE, SARL with a capital of 8000 euros
Head office 105 residence horizon marin 33680 LACANAU
Telephone number 05 56 60 81 23
Email address :
Siret : 521 848 234 00022

Article 1 – Object

These conditions govern the sales by OCEAN RIDE of surf lessons and gift card.

Article 2 – Price 

The prices of our products/services are indicated in euros, all taxes included (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the order), unless otherwise indicated and excluding processing and shipping costs. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in euros. OCEAN RIDE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product will be invoiced on the basis of the price in force at the time of validation of the order and subject to availability. The products and services remain the property of OCEAN RIDE until full payment of the price.

Article 3 – Orders 

You can place an order via our website: The contractual information is presented in French and English and will be confirmed at the latest when your order is validated. The OCEAN RIDE company reserves the right not to register a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, and more particularly in the event of a supply problem, or in the event of difficulty concerning the received order.

Article 4 – Validation of your order 

Toute commande figurant sur le site Internet suppose l’adhésion aux présentes Conditions Générales. Toute confirmation de commande entraîne votre adhésion pleine et entière aux présentes conditions générales de vente, sans exception ni réserve. L’ensemble des données fournies et l

Any order appearing on the website implies acceptance of these General Conditions. Any order confirmation entails your full acceptance of these general conditions of sale, without exception or reservation. All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will constitute proof of the transaction. You declare to have full knowledge of it. The order confirmation will constitute signature and acceptance of the operations carried out. A summary of your order information will be sent to you in PDF format via your order confirmation email address.

Article 5 – Payment 

The fact of validating your order implies for you the obligation to pay the price indicated. Payment for your purchases is made by credit card using the secure PAYBOX system, by bank cheque, ANCV holiday check or bank transfer. The card is debited at the time of the order.

Article 6 Conditions of registration 

The participant in the activities organized by OCEAN RIDE certifies knowing how to swim, not having any medical contraindication to the practice of surfing, and having read the general conditions of sale and payment. Registration for activities organized by OCEAN RIDE entails acceptance of these rules.

Article 7 Reservation and payment 

All registrations must be accompanied by payment (cheque, ANCV holiday voucher, bank transfer, bank card) payable to OCEAN RIDE equal to the total amount of the service or by a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the service. The reservation is effective upon receipt of payment. OCEAN RIDE reserves the right, if circumstances require it and in the case of events beyond its control (bad weather conditions, lack of waves, etc.), to modify its surf lessons (replacement by alternative activities), to postpone the lessons (with the student’s agreement) or to cancel them. Any cancellation from the participant must be done at least 48 hours before the lesson or the lesson will be due. Any cancellation from the participant less than 48 hours before the lesson could be reimbursed only under presentation of a medical certificate.

Article 8 Liability and insurance 

The participant will be supported by the structure and therefore under its responsibility during the hours of the lessons communicated in advance. The civil liability insurance (included in the insurance of your FFS trainee license) of the structure concerning its participant ceases outside these hours. The parents or the responsible person of the participants will have to make sure before entrusting them in the structure that the planned service takes place. Participants certify
that they have read the school’s civil liability insurance guarantees and have been informed of their interest in taking out additional insurance guarantees in the event of bodily injury occurring during activities organized by OCEAN RIDE (law of 1984 amended).
Participants are responsible for the equipment entrusted to them (boards, wetsuits, etc.) during surf lesson hours and in particular in the event of loss, theft or damage. OCEAN RIDE declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or deterioration of the valuables from the participants in its premises.

Article 9 Right to one’s image 

By subscribing to the services organized by the structure, participants authorize it to use the photos and/or films of their image made during the services, for the realization of any advertising document and this, without financial compensation.