Is the equipment included in the lesson price ?

Yes, wetsuit and surfboard are included in the surf lesson price. Equipment is adapted to your skills, it’s quality and evolutive.

Do I need an insurance for surf lessons ?

When you register, a licence from the French Federation of Surfing will be attributed to you, which give you insurance during the surf lesson.

How long is a surf lesson ?

Our lessons last 2 hours for teens (over 11 yo) and adults. For kids (8-11 yo), lessons last 1h30, and 1h15 for mini-kids (5/7 yo). The meeting is set 15 minutes before the lesson to have time to equip.

At what age can we start surfing ?

We give surf lessons for kids from 5. For adults, there’s no age, it’s all about motivation. You can surf for a very long time…

Do I need to know how to swim ?

First lessons happen close to the shore (in white waves), where you have feet. So you can discover surfing and enjoy it safely. It’s important to like water, but not necessary to be a good swimmer. Once you get more experienced, you can go outside, and there, you need to know how to swim !

I’m a beginner, can I start ?

Welcome, we are here for you. No worries, you can start surfing at any age from 5. Our surf lessons are given by state certified professionals. Ride enjoyment are accessible to everyone…

Are there groups by skills?

We propose groups by ages and by skills to have the most adapted pedagogy. We also propose improvement stages for more experienced surfers already going outside.

At what time are the lessons ?

You can choose between morning ou afternoon when you book your classes. We set the lessons time according to tides and sand banks evolution. Those ones are constantly moving, we will contact you about 10 days before your lesson to find the best time for your lesson.

Can lessons be cancelled ?

In case of thunderstorm or bad sea conditions, we can cancel a surf lesson. In this case, the lesson will be postponed according to your availabilties, or refund.

I have to cancel my trip, do you provide refund?

All cancellation done more than 48 hours will be refunded or postponed if possible. All cancellation done less than 48 hours before the class won’t be refunded.

Do I have to pay an advance payment to book ?

A 50% advance payment or the full payment is necessary to book online or at the school. This advance payment or the full payment can be done by :

  • Credit card.
  • Cheque (payable to OCEAN RIDE).
  • Cash.
Are you open all year long ?

Our season starts late March (from the last week-end) and finishes early November.

At what time is the meeting for a surf lesson and where ?

We ask you to be at the surfschool OCEAN RIDE 105 Résidence Horizon Marin 33680 Lacanau-Océan, 15 minutes before your lesson. So we can find the right wetsuit for you and you have time to get ready. The school is 5 minutes by walk away from the Pasteur Parking.

What do i have to bring for my surf lesson ?

A towel, a swimsuit, high protection sunscreen, but the most important is to come smiling and motivated.

When do I need to book ? Quand dois-je réserver ?

We propore surf lesson everyday.

For the school holidays, the sooner you book the better it is to have avaibility and choice for the time of the lesson.

Outside of school holidays you can book few days before but we advice you to do it as soon as you can.

For last minute booking, you need to contact us at +33 5 56 60 81 23 to be sure that we still have avaibility for you and then you can book online.

I booked a surf lesson, when will I know the time of the lesson ?

We contact you about 2 weeks before your lesson to set the time of the lesson together.